Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Fler citat, delvis i samma tonart:

"I've always thought of the voice as a language itself. So if I hear English at the same time as I hear the voice, I think of that as two languages. If I do use language - something like the words 'scared' and 'running scared' in Scared Song - it's as much a sound texture as it is a text. That's why those are the only words in the whole song. Usually, if I do use text, it will be very simple, and it will be there as much for the sound of it as for the meaning. I also think that music, itself, is such an evocative medium. It's very openhearted. And I don't like the idea that people have to work through the screen of language. [...] Language, in a way, is a screen in front of the emotion and the action. I like the idea of a direct communication that bypasses that step so that you're really dealing with a very primary and direct emotion; I think music can do that."

(Meredith Monk, i ett samtal med William Duckworth. Tryckt i Duckworths bok Talking Music. Conversations with John Cage, Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, and Five Generations of American Experimental Composers)

"Because the forms of human feeling are much more congruent with musical forms than with forms of language, music can reveal the nature of feelings with a detail and truth that language cannot approach."

(Susan K. Langer, ur Philosophy in a New Key; citerad i Sven Anderssons "Har musiken något att säga?")


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